I've recently been trying to break the habit I have of anchoring my pick-hand, as has been discussed on this forum many times before. That's coming along well, but I've realized that I am inadvertently shifting the weight of the guitar to my left hand now, causing drag and tension when I'm fretting, especially shifting up the neck (like " 1-2-3-4-2-3-4-5" etc.) It's almost as if I am trying to hold the guitar in my left hand instead of letting the strap take care of all the work. It isn't affecting my playing so much now since I'm doing everything very slow, but I just know it will be a huge roadblock when I get faster if I let it keep happening. What should I do to fix this?
Is your guitar prone to neck-diving?
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Very, as the body is fairly small and very light (I have a Jackson SLSMG.) Is it just a matter of repositioning the strap?
how has nobody suggested sitting down?

also when i play i kinda grip with my fretting hand to hold the guitar in place so it doesn't swing around. really though its all about how you do it, i play in the classical position and my thumb + whatever fingers are pressed down is what holds it in place. though you shouldn't need to press hard at all.
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Maybe get a heavier leather strap.

I already have a really nice Levy's leather strap, but thanks for the suggestion.

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how has nobody suggested sitting down?

Up until a few days ago, I used to sit down all the time when I played. But I realized that I really suck playing standing up, so I'm doing all my practicing standing now. I'm basically revamping my whole technique and everything- playing standing, doing everything really slow so I overcome the obstacles I've encountered recently.
If you sit with the guitar in relatively the same position as standing you're sitting in, it's not a big deal, but good for you for taking the initiative. I have a vid on posture linked to the 5 in my sig.
try tying the strap to the headstock, like on an acoustic, I guarantee you will never have neck dive problems again, and it will probably help with your fretting hand problem as well.
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