ye i know

an other amp question

but well

i'm going to buy a new amp tomorrow, a small one...

i've got a budget around 200€

what do you guys think?

anny advices?

thx in advance
Drum drum drum away!
Go with a marshall or peavey.
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How much is that? If thats more than $300 go with a Fender SuperChamp XD.. it's a 15w tube amp, plenty of power for the bedroom rocker. Beautiful cleans, and then you can change the channel and go into the crunch.
if u want awesome versatility Vox AD15VT/AD30VT great amp Vox's Valvestate amps are great
I don't know what your musical tastes are but I like the SuperChamp idea. Maybe the Valvetronix series if you are more into metal. Both are Hybrids. If you want an all tube amp then you will pressed to find new but maybe an Epiphone Valve Jr.

Can you go used? as that will open up more options. Are you buying on-line or can you go try some of these out (not sure what is available over there).

Also, you might get more answers over in the GG&A thread but don't post the exact same thread as it is against the rules. Good luck.