Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes. I'm at my friends house and he plays piano/keyboard, and we were wondering if their were a few good, relatively easy songs we could learn that we could both do together without a drummer, bassist, etc. Hoping for more of a rock or blues song, but a jazz one would work, I guess. Not anything fancy, just something we could jam to. Any suggestions?
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Any song of "An Evening with Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci".


Forgotten that.
Grant Green often performed with an organ trio. The organ bits should translate to piano pretty easily.

If you're into metal, try the Savatage albums "Gutter Ballet" and "Edge of Thorns." Lots of piano and guitar. (No cookie monsters or super heavy detuned guitars in there, BTW)
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you could do any song really. i used to jam with my high school music teacher all the time and it was just me on guitar and him on piano. if you have a good keys player, he can hold down the bass line and chords while you solo and you can hold down the rhythm when he solos.
children of bodom?

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Any song of "An Evening with Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci".


Forgotten that.

nothing better comes to mind. but then again, that is a most part improvised show.. so it's a whole lot harder than the regular stuff. i sure as hell wouldn't learn it :P

and as it has been said.. you can pretty much learn any guitar stuff on piano.. that shouldn't be a problem at all.

what i find interesting is jamming to classical stuff also. you could pick up some real classical songs from like bach or something, find a cool part and loop it, or get some neo-classical, like yngwie malmsteen or vinnie moore, and do the same, loop cool parts or really just improv on it all.
i would especially suggest far beyond the sun on the neo-classical style. it has some amazing keyboard parts, which is what really gives that special feeling to that song.

and i'm really sleepy now and don't remember half of what i said so i'll stop writing now cus i've probably repeated myself already xD
Children of bodom if your pianist doesnt suck
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