so say im selling an item on ebay, and i put shipping to "dependant on loction" so after the sale ends i get the guys contact info, then i go with my item to postal office and ship it? but then how does the buyer pay the shipping?
I've never sold anything on ebay, but my assumption is that it would show up with one of those 'calculate' things and the price will depend on how far away they are and what method of shipping they choose.
It all makes sense
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by paypal/cheque.

same way he/she payed for the rest of it.

what you do is after the bidding, he/she says i live in blah.

so you go the post office and ask how much it is to ship that item to there.

then you tell the buyer how much the postage is, and he/she pays you that+cost.
you choose how much you want them to pay postage and add it to their bill or total price.

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oh ic, so then do i get them to paypal me (off of ebay now) say 5 dollars for the shippign costs? so they pay thru ebay lets say 10 for the item, then i tell them later to pay em an extra 5 for the shipping?