I'm testing theory on some stuff i write and i prefer using harmonic minor scales, would this fit in as a harmonic minor scale in key of Em? Or is it aeolian mode? ....if i sound confusing in any bit, expect it bcuz ive been doing theory for only 3weeks now, but im pushing it brutally. This lil'tab has a certain egyptian kinda sound to it, when played to the rhythm i use. If im off track in anyway, define what this would be and if u have any tips to spice it up, plz do.

e --7--12--11--12--11--8--11--8--7----
B ------------------------------------------7--8--7--8--10--8--7--8--10--12~
Its a harmonic minor scale. You can tell because of the interval between Eb (11th fret) and B (7th fret). The interval between C (8th fret) and Eb (11th fret) does exsist in the Aeolian scale but the the interval between Eb (11th fret) and B (7th fret) does not. Hope this was helpful.
yea i added in the 7th fret bcuz i didnt like the sound of having to start off in the 8th fret, it was initially in the 8th but i prefered the 7th idk y :P but ya thnx for helping, key is Em?