I just ripped a DVD, and it's in AVI format. So I need a good, FREE AVI-MP4 converter (for my ipod).

I've tried google, and the first 3 links i tried only have trials (and the trials only convert 5 minutes).

Anyways, can anyone help? Thanks.
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Most people recommend Videora. However, it didn't work for me, the program just raped my computer every time the conversion got to 99%. Now I use Prism Video Converter. It says it's a trial and won't work after 30 days. However, you just need to re-install and it resets the trial period.
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I use one simply called "Super". It's great and a lot faster than videora. But the website for it is crap.
DVDVIDEOSOFT its a program manager that features a host of audio and video, dvd converting programns all fo whih are free and work great, it's what i used tor ip al my avi's to ipod mp4 format. also the converted avi's fit fulls creen to the ipod which si very good imo.
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Cucusoft DVD suite and video converter is great. You obtain it from less than legal sources if you know where to look. Sshh.
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WinAVI is a pretty good one if you wanna pirate it - very small.

If you have Nero, use Nero Recode or Vision, can't remember which but I think it's Recode and for the output format, choose iPod and it should transcode the AVI file to an MPEG4 file.