I'm looking for some left-handed basses that are at or lower than $550. I've tried the Fender left-handed ones and I didn't like them. Any tips?
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Google? :P

Try pedulla basses, try peavey ones, i mean theres to many :P Go to more music stores?
check rondomusic.com (very good site, I ordered from them before and it was quick and good instrument), and adirondack guitars (google it) awesome place for lefties.. most lefty guitars and bass guitars you'll ever find.
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You find lefty guitars at Lefty Guitar Center.
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To the TS, most guitar manufacturers have left handed basses and guitars. Go to one of the big internet site (aka Musicians friend, zZounds etc) and you'll find a healthy list to do some research with. Then start crawling your local stores for models. Good luck.

To the rest of the smart asses in this thread. Yeah he could have googled, but we all started out as noobs sometime.

And before this becomes a complete flamefest. I'm closing this out.