This saturday me and my family will begin our trip down to France with car. I've been looking of buying a new guitar. Since we only have these ****ty guitar stores here in Sweden we'll stop by the biggest music store in Europe, which is located in Germany, to try some acoustic guitars. I've done some research about what I might try out but since we won't stay there all day I need to know what I should be aiming for.

I've heard this one should be good.


My budget is around 500 max 600 euros. Some suggestions on what guitars I should try out in that price range is appreciated. And as I said I looking for an acoustic. Preferably cut away (not a must), obviously as solid built wood as possible.

Thanks in advance.
My favorites in that range are epiphone masterbilts and blueridges
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I agree, just don't go overbudget.
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i would say either an ovation or a martin, my personal favorite is the martin 00-15
You have to keep in mind that here in Europe guitars cost like 30-50% more than in the US, so in my budget that means only the cheapes Taylor or Martin. Thanks for the suggestion on the Masterbuilt and Blueridge, though. Will make sure to look into those.

As I said, I won't be there for more than maybe an hour or two. That means I won't have the time to throughly examine all guitars within certain brands. That's why specific series or even guitars are higly appreciated.

Thanks for the answers though.
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Yes, I've heard about that one. I figured the Guild Gad 40c, which I linked to, might be better since it is all solid wood and as Im willing to pay 500-600 euros I thought it automatically would be better. But I'll definately try that one out. You never know what kind of guitar my ears like :p
The guild Gad's are pretty well respected also. It's hard to recommend a specific model of guitar because of all the different body styles and wood selections.

But, if you look at some Guild Gad's, Masterbilts and Blueridges, I'm sure you'll find something that you like. All those guitars are great values.

As for Taylors and Martins, in my opinion you won't get anything of value in that price range. Taylors along with Gibsons, are probably the most overpriced acoustics around. And Martin isn't very far behind.
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. Since we only have these ****ty guitar stores here in Sweden

Couldn't agree more. =/
Ok, thanks for the answer, so let's say I like both the GAD and the Masterbilt. But I would for some reason would like the look of the Masterbilt just slighly more than the GAD. Is is still better to buy the Masterbilt even though it hasn't solid wood back and sides. Is the solid wood thing really that important?