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Hagstrom Super Swede
16 76%
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
5 24%
Voters: 21.
I'm getting a new guitar so.. I'm leaning towards the Hagstrom, but that's probably because it's the only one of the two I've played xD
The haggie will surely beat the heck out of the Epiphone but take note that it has the long scale neck 25.5" which is not Les Paul standard.

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get the hagstrom over all better everything (i acutally like the epiphone necks though) plus you get the option of coil tapping on the hangstrom
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I'm also fond of the Hagstrom Super Swede as an LP-ish guitar -- plays well, sounds great, great looks and good price. Since I play a strat clone, I like the 25.5 inch scale.
Hagstrom super swede is superb, DO IT.

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I fell in love with an Ultra Swede the other day. It sounded and felt great. The neck was awesome. I never tried a Super Swede, but it sounds pretty good. I just don't like the body shape.
Go for the "Hag". I've played both the 'Swede' and the 'Super Swede', and both are awsome, and I think that Hagström's overall quality is as good as Gibson.
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I played the hagstrom super swede yesterday. it was awesome. better quality than any epiphone i have played. get it