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The Crate GT212, is it any good? My cousin owns it (gigged multiple times), and has for a few years and he swears by it. I've played it and i like it, but i want to know if i can gig with it and have it hold up? I did a search on here and someone said that if you turn it up over 3-4 it starts to break up (on clean). i play mostly classic rock/metal/grunge/ska for myself, but my band plays grunge. My cousin is pretty good, but he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer so i came here for advice. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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^yeah that would be the problem here, they're a few tiles short of a roof and wouldnt undertand.

it's not that great, and you could do better.
the distortion is ok, but thats it.
I used to own one and know for a fact... it's a piece of crap. Honestly it's not the worst thing you can get, but it's very mediocre. I could never imagine gigging with it, because it always sounded terrible when I raised the volume to even jamming levels. There's a reason they're only $200.
i have a crate glx which is very similar and its an ok amp but really not that great.
on the solo channel at a volume past 4 i get massive feedback but i use a digitech multifx anyways so i don't have that issue but nothing sounds great at a decent volume coming out of my crate glx65.

as for the gigging question i've gigged my glx65 for like 3 years now and its fine.