Hey everyone I was hoping I could seek some of your advice. I'm rather new to playing guitar, only jamming on my friends guitar and amp and have recently conjured up the funds to purchase the necessities. I like to play mainly metal but am looking for a somewhat versatile amp. I have roughly $100 to spend, give or take 20 bucks, and am looking for the best value for the price in a practice/garage jamming amp. I've done a lot of searching and just can't find the assuring information I'm looking for in my situation. The ROLAND CUBE 15x has caught my attention as well as the VOX Pathfinder 15R, but am still very unsure. I'm planning on playing an Ibanez RG2EX1 through it as well.

Can anyone give me some recommendations on a $100 or so amp based on their experience/opinions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm not too concerned with an array of effects and flash, I am just wanting to learn the basics, clean and distortion is all I need as I am to purchase some pedals in the future.

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Roland Microcube or Cube 30.

The 15 doesn't have the good features of the others.
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Well, I think the Roland Microcube may be lacking the amount of volume i'm looking for and the Cube 30 is $145 over my budget. I'm looking for something that will respond well to pedals, I believe i'm getting a Digitech RP90 or something for my effects needs. I don't need an amp with a whole lot of features or modeling just something that is going to be versatile enough to cover a lot of rock styles with the best sound quality possible, but metal will be my main focus. Also, 15w is all the punch i will need from an amp as I will only be doing small jam sessions and practicing in a bedroom. Does anybody else have some advice on what to purchase? (I'd go listen to some in-store but the nearest GC or big music shop is many miles away)

Thank you very much for your input, as I am perplexed on what to do...
Epiphone Valve Jr. Its a tube amp, and it is an awesome one at that. A few quick mods and it sounds great (such as a jumper on R6 to get more gain)
edit: oh... you play metal, you'd need a nice pedal for that if you were to get a Valve Jr. (tube screamer or the likes, but that brings the total to over 200)
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I've heard nothing but awful things about the spider III 15w. I think I'm just gonna get the Roland Cube this is ridiculous lol thanks for the help.
i hope you realize 15 SS watts isn't going to give you much at all?
if you're jamming with another guitarist, then yeah. even still the Microcube might still be a better choice for your money.

if you want to play with a drummer, you're sh!t out of luck my friend. I have a Cube 15x and i'm giving it to my girlfriend because i haven't used it in like a year. The Microcube offers a hell of a lot more just at $25 more.
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