Hey guys,

Right, I want to start getting some videos of me playing onto youtube or myspace etc. and to show demos of gear that I have so that hopefully people out there will get some benefit from before spending tons on gear!
I see alot of webcam recorded performances and generally don't see why people bother due to the poor sound quality and poor image!

I have great sounding gear which I have perfected in tone - I don't want a £10 webcam ruining all this spent effort!

So, hopefully some of you guys out there can give me some help/advice on how to record good quality (in both sound and image) videos of me and my gear/playing! Hopefully to make a channel on youtube! I do have some recording gear such as video camera, tons of leads and an average mic (however if this goes well I will get a Shure/AKG).

It seems that in the main, the drummers of youtube have their recording down to a perfection with some excellent videos of covers! I hope this thread can get others as well as myself to a standard to rival these guys!

In my experience, no matter how expensive the interface, youtube and myspace will compress the hell out of your audio, and cut back on the quality to make it smaller and easier to store on their servers. That's why everyone's stuff sounds bad, except the drummers.
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Look at something like the Zoom H2 recorder. Nice little unit and sound really pretty decent. By the sounds of things, you don't need a big fancy multi-track setup - just to capture the sound in the room the way it actually sounds. The H2 does that well, and for not a ton of money.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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