i have this jackson warrior X (http://www.jacksonguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=2900015503) and i know that i posted this before but didnt get much help, figured id give it one more shot

ok so ive had this ax for about 2 months or so and it plays sweet, but it had string buzz, of course the first thing that i did was adjust the neck a lil bit, and all except the g-string went away for buzz, i messed with the action a little bit and cut it down a little bit but not much

when i went in for my lesson at my local guitar store i asked my teacher, he said it could have something to do with my tune-o-matic bridge and that i could adjust it a little bit up on the high e side, which didnt and still doesnt make sense to me because the b and high e string dont buzz

then he mentioned the first fret, again i still was skeptical because yet again no other strings buzzed except g

i have changed strings because one of my strings broke and i switched to dr tites 10-56, and i had to adjust the neck again because of the tension of the strings, and the guitar tech at the local guitar store said i had it about perfect and that i shouldnt change it, you cant really hear it when you add the distortion but when you want to play clear it bugs the crap outa me, so please can anyone tell me what i might be able to do in order to fix this?
sounds like the nut might be to low
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Quote by TANKER69
sounds like the nut might be to low

just on the g-string you mean? because my guitar teacher did bring that up
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is it a floting trem system?

um...everything is on that link that i provided, im not even sure, sorry