Hi all,

I have just received a set of alnico 2 pros to fit to my (copy sigh) Slash sig epi. (neck and bridge)

I have followed the diagrams given and from the website, but all i get is a very clean high tone from any of the pickup settings on the 3 way switch.

I have put the green and bare from both pickups to the backs of the volume pots, and the black to the lug on the volume pot which links to the tone pot, as per the diagrams.

The only thing i did note is that when i took the old pups out (cheap humbuckers) they only had a black and white wire. (the black was the braided earth) but they were wired the other way around. IE the black went to the back of the volume pots, and the white went to the lug on the volume pot which links the volume and tone pots together.

Can anybody help me quickly please, i am desperate!


Switch the wires around and see what happens??

By the way Epiphones are not cheap

I have one too!

Besides they invented the SG
i thought of that, but can i not damage anything? Putting the green and bare on the lug seems wrong, but im noe expert, i can solder but thats about it.
any more advice guys? i dont really want to put the wiring back to front as per the diagrams.

forgot to add that there is a lot of noise too when i dont touch the strings. Sounds like an earth fault, but i cant see where.
How many wires did the new humbucks have?
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Desolder the whole job and do it again. Read the diagram really carefully.
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Think i got it. I didnt join the red and white together. This now works, but there is still substantial noice when i dont ground the strings out with my fingers.

Would this just be poor earthing? Ill desolder and redo, and also can i link everything up and ground to the jack plug? ie all the pots and bridge. I know they should be, but just wanna make sure.