ok, before anyone says anything about the state of my mind i'm not crazy i swear...

my computer keeps playing random music, a 15 second music clip every 10 seconds or so....

i've done numerous virus checks, spyware checks, there is no processes on, it plays whn there is no applications on

spybot search and destroy found a few things, so they got deleted and got rid of, yet it still plays

does anyone have any suggestions or even better a solution to stop it !?!?

thanks for reading
Quote by Unofficial
Turn the volume down...

That isn't a solution really....

Run a spyware and Adware scan

prolly iexplore.exe is running and connected to an applet that's playing an advert or something

If you have already ran a full scan and nothing turns up I have no idea....
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start in safe mode. if it stops playing then its virus, if it keeps playing, you have a very weird audio driver problem. uninstall and reinstall the latest audio drivers for whatever hardware you have.
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Quote by sexothemonkee
restart your computer after you have deleted the files and then if you have any problems pm me

but after spybot deleted the files i restarted the comp anyway, an it still continues