not meaning to promote, but has anyone registered on www.360voice.com.

it is a blogging site that blogs from the perspective of your xbox 360! is actually prett fun.
ok, now we have established people do.

do you feel guilt tripped if you dont play on it? i sure do.
Wait, what?

So it's like:

Quote by Saphrax's 360
*Sigh* Pro Evo again. I wish he'd play something else. Something with cutting edge graphics, something that didn't have a low FPS count on replays, something that could be played online without lag, something that'd let me shine, and show him my true potential!

Mood: Saphrax's 360 is feeling despondent.

Edit: I love Pro Evo 08!
Step Two for Robot Takeover.
Hey look, a stoner/doom album.

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