Basically, quite a few girls have shouted at me how bad girls have it compared to guys, the whole pregnancy, period pains, et cetera, and I can't think of any arguments for the man's side. I know women probably do have it worse, but can anyone come up with some points?

Before anyone says is, these have already been used:
"It's punishment"
"You deserve it"
and "We have to put up with your complaining"

Of course, I wouldn't say these to my girlfriend if she didn't have a sense of humour, I'm not that much of an asshole, and none of it I actually mean.
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kicked in the balls ?

they go on abotu pregnancy and period pains, but you cant potentially get them every day of every year can they ?
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Kidney stones.
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kicked in the balls ?

they go on abotu pregnancy and period pains, but you cant potentially get them every day of every year can they ?

Not EVERY day, that'd be bad but we can get 'period pains' when we're not on our periods. They also sometimes make it so we can't get out of bed/move. Yay.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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we have it worse, cause we have to put up with them bitching about how they have it worse, and them bitching about all their problems
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a woman i know said that having a kidney stone is worse than going through labor and men get kidney stones more often than women. so we know your pain bitches
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stupid thread that we had 3 mins ago
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well guys have more of a chance of getting genetically inherited traits because we have the "y" chromosome and not 2 "x" chromosomes we are genetically at a disadvantage so though they make get a period we have more of a chance of getting something that could effect us everyday of every year