I was just wondering if any of you guys know what kind of tremsetter this is:

It says on Vai's homepage simply that it is a tremsetter. I've been on the website for the Hipshot Tremsetter, and it doesn't look like the same device.

Another point is that I want to have improved tuning stability, but retain the ability to flutter my trem.
Steve's guitar has this device installed and fluttering is a big part of his playing style, hence my interest...

If no-one has any idea, then perhaps someone could recommend another similar device?
I see.

I've heard that they're pretty expensive.

Can anyone tell me how it affects the trem's ability to flutter?
To my knowledge, Ibanez discontinued the backstop, so it may be very hard to find one.
Schecter 006 Elite
Dean VX
Some Memphis 3/4th Strat copy
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After a bit of searching, I've discovered the next bes thing is the ESP Arming Adjuster.

Anyone have any experience with these?