So, just for fun, I'm looking for some men's spandex pants. Yup, spandex...wild ones kinda like what Eddie Van Halen or the glam bands would wear.

Any ideas on good sites or stores to buy them in?

the real question is Why, are you looking for spandex
but you could probably find them in any athletic store
or Walmart
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please do not bring back the spandex!! yeahh theyd have them at sports stores
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They don't make men's spandex pants

yes they do
they are called biker shorts
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yes they do
they are called biker shorts

Like I said, they don't make men's spandex pants.
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haha my friend sarah wants to bring back wearing spandex!

I support women wearing spandex

I do not, unfortunately, support men wearing them
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I support any and all tight clothing.



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Like I said, they don't make men's spandex pants.

I'm pretty sure those were men.

The proof of it is evident if you look at their pants.