Ok sorry about another post, but this would've been offtopic of my last one. So I was searching up Masterbilt on the forums and the EF-500R came up a couple times as being better than the AJ-500M. The reason I'm relying on your guys' experience is because the nearest GC is like 4 hours away and our local guitar store doesn't carry these. So I'd say I'm an intermediate guitarist and I'm looking at getting back into some unplugged stuff. I was originally looking for a more curved body like the EF-500R because it would be easier to handle as I'm not the biggest of persons. I'm about 5' 6" tall so I thought that a dreadnought body would be too big for me...The EF-500R looks appealing but I don't want to lose too much tone and warmth and stuff...Because I'd be adding another 100$ to the tab and if I'm losing some tone just for some size issue I don't think it'd be worth it. Thank you so much for helping me guys! I rely on your experience! Here's the links to the guitars.





P.S. Does the name "fingerstyle" mean anything on the EF-500R? Because I won't only be doing fingerstyle on the guitar. Thanks!
You really have to play them. Can you get to another guitar store ?
They have vastly different sounds. One is mahogany, one is Rosewood.
Whether the loss in tone due to different body sizes is worth it, is subjective. Only you can tell.
I have an AJ-500R and find it much better sounding then the EF

Also the EF "fingerstyle" means a wider nut width. 1.75 compared to 1.68. If you play electric, I think the nut width is even smaller, so the 1.68 may be better for you.
good luck
The EF is nice for the size and comfort. The AJ sounds more full to me.

You must decide if tone or comfort is more important. I'll bet the AJ would be better for you. I have a Blueridge BG-60 which is very similar. I love the full bass it produces.

I have other smaller folk guitars that I like too. But the AJ would be a better guitar to "do it all".

Thank you very much guys. That was the exact responses I was looking for. I'm gonna have to go with the AJ then. Yeah I don't think I'll be able to play them before I buy them. I expect I"ll skyrocket when I get into high school next year growth wise so I'll eventually grow into thefull dreadnought body style. But yeah, I'm hopefully going to be ordering the AJ soon then. thanks so much guys!