I'm cleaning up a 1957 Gibson j-45 that has spent probably the last 20 years in its case. When I started cleaning the top of 50 years worth of crap I ran into a problem: The finish will get completely clean in a certain spot and a couple of swipes later it will get super cloudy and almost sticky again. I think someone used some kind of wood conditioner(it smells like old furniture polish) that left a residue and thats whats causing it. It takes quite an effort to get off too. I'm using Dunlop 65 polish on it and I just want to make sure I'm not wearing through the lacquer or that the polish isn't eating through it. Does anybody have any advice? I know a French polished guitar can be damaged by certain cleaners but I think the J-45 has a standard lacquer, right?

Nitro cellulose lacquer is used by Gibson,I believe on their acoustics as well as their electrics.
As far as I am aware if you use normal furniture polish on nitro it will wear it down and eat away at the lacquer;if this was done previously then,I imagine,the fact that you're applying a polish of some sort could in fact be reacviting the polish?
I recommend talking to a tech or finisher as I am no expert.