I recently purchased a vox v847 pedal on ebay. After waiting almost 3 weeks to get it i finally got it in the mail, put in a fresh 9 volt battery and plugged it into my behringer GMX 212. now i am a beginner to the pedal scene, so i don't know much about them... i've only played on my room mates cry baby original and i loved it but i am not loving this vox. the wah sounds pretty good, but it's really faint, I understand that could just be the way vox pedals sound. But the main problem im having is that im getting some pretty bad feedback when the wah is on. when i rock the pedal and im not playing anything i can hear this staticy dirty sound, and when i have the toe of the pedal pointed down for maximum wah-age theres a really nasty sound like the sound that an amp makes when you unplug a guitar when its on. so im guessing this is not how vox pedals are supposed to make, can anyone give me any advice, or should i send this pedal back, because it is supposed to be in "perfect working condition".
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Crybaby Original... you can't go wrong

Yeah, you can go wrong. It sounds weak, shrill and has a ****ty sweep unless you mod it...
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^ I know i like cry baby originals but i said i already bought a vox v847 and i want to know if the pedal is messed up or if thats how its supposed to sound or if its an easy fix.
dirty pot?

no it isnt supposed to sound like that

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i have the vox, and i love it ( i traded an original crybaby for it), its going to be more subtle than the crybaby, because its sweep is much more linear, rather than having a sweep that goes along smoothly then suddenly rockets upwards. its also less trebly so it will blend in to your guitar sound better but if its so subtle you can barely hear it then theres a problem (sorry cant help you there) and you should send it to your local shop to get fixed, or do it yourself if u find out how x

EDIT: imo stick to the vox unless youre doing metal, you will realise it has a much warmer sound than the crybaby (i have been in the exact same situation as you, with the friend with the crybaby and everything lol)
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^ thanks, and yeah i'm planning on sticking to vox, i dont play any metal mostly classic rock and blues type stuff. any suggestions on how to fix it? my dads really good with electronics (engineer) and could definitely fix it if i knew what to do.