We all know that pedal boards, well goods ones, cost well over $200. I've seen people build their own for under $30. How many of you guys have done this as well? I just finished building my own pedal board out of a suitcase I bought at a discount store for $1. Feel free to post pictures of your custom pedal boards. I will post mine when I get a moment.

One last thing, should I make the official pedalboards thread?
I made mine for 20 dollars from supplies at Home Depot. I have a picture of it in my gear photos. I power it with a one-spot and it suits my needs. I would like to see photos of yours that you made from a suitcase as it sounds like an interesting concept. I love DIY projects.
I built mine for virtually nothing. I'll see if I've got a pic somewhere.

There we go. The drum machine is now gone and a second tier with a chorus and a delay have been added.
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