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So Ben Harper is swiftly becoming one of my favorite contemporary artists. He plays lap steel, and it's freakin amazing. I only have one of his albums, Diamonds on the Inside. It is awesome. I recommend anyone who likes soul, blues, folk, or reggae to pick this one up.

Here is a vid of his song When It's Good:

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I enjoy Ben Harper. He's one of the most talented pop artists that I can think of these days.
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Fight For Your Mind is a really great album.
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Got really into him a few years ago, was about to make a thread so I'll bump this instead.

My favorite album is live from mars, favorite studio album is fight for your mind.
He's amazing on that lap steel, he's an alright lyricist too.

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that video is awesome the underground and above ground, and hes like sugery wtf! haha

i could actually go and see him as hes playin the bluesfest in NSW
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His songs seem so simple until I actually try to play them.
I need to work on doing fills

That's awesome though

That intro is the best, so simple. I wish marc ford would play with them again
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I've liked him for years, fight for your mind is excellent, I haven't got his new album yet though

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Fight For Your Mind is brilliant!
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I reckon White Lies For Dark Times is one of my favourite albums of all time. And I can't stop listening to God Fearing Man, just an incredible track.

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The Relentless 7 cd is great. I think its called White Lies For Dark Times. Some great songs and great guitar playing on it.