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I've trying to remember the name of a particular band I saw on YouTube. They appeared in a video for Guitar World where they demonstrated how to play a certain song. Now, this band was different from any other band I heard. The best way I can describe them was "nerdy". The music was very technical and sounded very strange. The name of the song was also very strange (something like revenge of Cthulu--not exactly the title of the song, but trust me, it sounded, again, very nerdy). I remember looking them up on iTunes and they had only one album and on the cover was the skull of an animal that appeared sort of like a cow skull. The album title was also very dorky, nerd-like. The album came out quite recently too, probably sometime after 2000. Anyone got any ideas?
Behold... The Arctopus?

I'm probably wrong, but I don't know.
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Dude, thank you so much! I honestly thought that no one was going to be able to answer me.
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That was the first band that entered my mind. Ugh. Why would you want to look them up?

Because some people enjoy them.
I remember talking to my friend about certain musical genres and I remember him bringing up Mathcore and for some strange reason, these guys popped into my head. I wouldn't consider them to fall along the lines of Mathcore, but hearing "math" made me thinking "nerdy" which made me remember the time I saw these guys on YouTube. When I heard their band's name and their song titles I couldn't help but think "Those are some pretty nerdy names". I couldn't remember the band's name and I really wanted to tell my friend about them.
I can't stand them, it sounds so bad. Regardless of their technique.
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Those are some of the reactions I had when I watched it. Although the music is rather strange and I personally don't like it, I admire the fact that its rather unique and very technical.
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why is that neck so huge

Why do they suck so bad?
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they are unique, but maybe just a little too unique for my taste now that i have watched that video twice. they are very technical however