uh yeah our bands just starting out and we kicked our singer out the day we recorded and haha just decided to go along anyways and well the instrumental is on our myspace of our song declaration i know the guitar solos kinda sloppy and i dont know wat the high pitched sound is in the background but check it out anyways thanks

Declaration had a very nice groove to it, but what are you using to record with, the guitar sounds like it has a flange effect on it, and sometimes during the fast drum work, it sounds like that as well. I could be wrong lol, then again perhaps youre using said effect on the guitar anyhow. as far as material goes, really would like to ehar some vocals over it as well, but the rifferage sounds pretty rad

the drumming got me a bit erked, for I cant hear the bass at all and it isnt centered it seems, but thats just preference lol

concerning the guitar work, try to write some short little leads...mmm I cant think of the word for it, something to end every other measure, something to accenuate the end of that verse I guess is what I mean lol, did that help any at all XD

hey C4C? link's in me sig

(who yelled at the end of declaration btw lol, nice touch you ought to capture that if you plan to rerecord)
thanks man yeah uh were using our drummers dads protools recording studio and i know there is some effect at one point on my guitar (lead) we also had another quieter guitar in the background but im not sure wat he did with his lol yeah were working on a singer we may just have one of us do the vocals but idk and ill work on the guitar thing? haha

anyways i looked a your stuff and i think the guitar sounds sweet on all of them expescially on last exile. the solo stuff sounds awesome and all but i think your stuff would be sweet if you ever put together a band with vocals and everything but idk

haha oh yeah that was me yelling yeah i think it sounds sweet to thanks man
well concerning the recording, the program wouldnt have that much of an effect as far as the unwanted little quirks that came to mind. What I meant was things such as mic placement and distance from the cabs, as well as shape size of the room you were in, along with where it was you placed the amp in the room for recording. I had remembered one time the same effect had came about when I was redubbing guitar tracks, it had the same effect, but it wasnt due to it being out of time, it justsimply was, even with a single guitar track. and the drumwork would acquire the same effect whenever I paired it with one of the tracks , it almost sounded as if I was trying to do a Zep cover when i heard the drums playing like they were lol

but yeah something around an octave higher, just a little filler with theguitar in between every other verse (imagined, i know) but other than that it sounds like you got something goin there lol, I'm lucky to even be able to write anything at all, much less continue on it.

Just a quick question, what part of which song of mine were you mentioning about a solo, I cant recall any XD and thx for the crit
haha yeah i think alot of the little things were just the way we set up cuz the guy whos studio it is makes tracks that sound alot better. haha and wat i meant by the solo thing is your stuff you have as a "solo artist" sounds awesome but have you thought about a band cuz i bet it would be cool to haha idk tho and yeah ive been thinking it needs something to beter uh end/connect the verses haha thanks man
lol aaah i C now lol, yeah I have thought of starting a band, but I happen to live in the bible belt of Alabama, and some of my more darker material I'm afraid wont have much of an impact lol, and I havent found very many musicians who have the same taste, even at the university :P if its even remotely metal its normally along the lines of like shadows fall being the most extreme they ever listen to -_- lol
haha dude i know exactly what your talking about although for living in provo utah theres actually quite alot of metal heads if you know where to look haha but yeah i know kids who think there hard core for listening to like fall out boy and linkin park lol