alright so we all have our own technique and we all do something different than anyone else(or at least that we know of). so list something special about your technique
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I pick really smoothly, so it looks like I'm picking slower than I am.
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Muting strings that shouldn't be played and adding muted strings to chord changes.
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i forgot to contribute.

i do pinch harmonics with my index fingernail because of how i pick and people always wonder how i do it without making it obvious
well I know all these are far from unique but they are when considering the few people i usually play with...

I like little tripplet runs and very precise bends. idk
I like breaking up chords and using staccato-like techniques. As well using legato quite a lot, probably too much. I also like to choke up on my pick while strumming distorted powerchords. Its hard to explain the sound it makes, you'd have to try it yourself, i find it makes the chords really come alive.
i usually pick sideways instead of parallel to the strings. not only for tremolo picking and stuff, but everything. oddly enough, except sweep picking
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i tend to do this thing if im really into what im playing where i move my hand as if im gna strum all the strings violently and then i just pick the next note. i dont really think ive explained it properly but hey, even the internet has limits.
Well, I play fingerstyle, for one thing. not quite traditional fingerstyle, yet not really clawhammer either, but general picking with the fingers. Whoever mentioned the harmonics with the fingernail, that's what I tend to do as well.

Also, I tend to play the neck more like a classical guitarist would, with my thumb directly on the back of the neck, not wrapped around.
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not neccassarily about tech., but i grind & file my picks down so i have more control and dexterity and speed with em

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I'm left handed but play right handed (didn't force myself to, it just felt "right" when I first picked up a guitar) so I'm not that great at fast picking, which means most of my style is legato-based (which I find easy, due to fretting with my left hand). I think it's interesting, it probably isn't.
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O i tend to add this thing called a "mistake" here and there sometimes. I think it adds a different feel to the music.
On a serious note. I reli choke up hard in palm mutes so my palm mutes sound liek they have more balls.
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When practicing a song over and over, when I start to get bored of it, I randomly slide down on the last note before a change to something else.

I love adding a reggae type feel to songs by playing very short chords by muting the strings quickly.

I can pull off from one fret to another fine, but I struggle to pull off to an open string without sounding the other notes.

I like the play songs I've learnt an octave higher when I'm bored, it also helps me get used to the fret board scaling which is great.

That's all I can think of.
i use lots of double stops,and occasionally when bending the high e i catch the b for a fuller sounds and bend both of them.......
I use a lot of double stops, leading to bends, and I also pick the strings hardly. It makes the sound more percussive. I also do a lot of hybrid picking when on clean.
In my band's own songs, I tend to "abuse" octaves a lot. Also, I strum all of the strings as if I were doing an open chord, to a constant beat, to add a lot of muted notes between the actual notes. I don't think that's very unique, though.
i also like to choke up on the pick and gently strum heavily distorted chords. also i like to palm mute and down pick the low E string while up picking other chords, for a very 80`s hair band rhythm sound.
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