Since is does say "Squier" across the top, my first reaction would be no
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it appears to be a squire, which are pretty good for a starter guitar, but if this isnt your first guitar i would reccomend maybe an ibanez RG or a nice jackson (stay clear of those horrible looking 'brutal guitars' like dean and bc rich )

get a fender or low on cash get an epiphone
not an ibanex..
get something more classic and more reliable not for looks and features
if its a squier then no

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well than if its free dont take it out of the box and sell it foir what yoiu would pay for in the store, sguiers are really bad guitars, if yoiu posted more detail such as budget, your playing style and other gear. it mmight help others help you more.
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What are so bad about Squire

squiers have literally like a 20 dollar resale value, they are built badly. ive noticed that cheap fender products are pretty bad. the feel of the strings and frets are very tight and do not flow well, and they do not sound good, but if its for free than what the hell
I have a squier . when i took the pickguard off , the neck-body junction was loosen , so the neck would swing . THE NECK WASN'T SET !