well i know there is probably something i can download to reduce the size of my movies that i have on my computer. i have some movies that are only 700mb each but then some are like 4 or 5 gigs. what should i download and is there a certain size that movies are at their best and if they get lower they just look really crappy because i know music shouldnt be no lower than 128kbps
Get a program like Videora iPod Converter and you can reduce any movie down to about 200-400 MB each.
Granted, the quality won't be as good as the 5gig movie, but it'll still be watchable. You can tweak the settings for bitrates and such in the program.

do you want to reduce them just for storage?

I'd say compress them with something, WinRar or something like that...

if you meant something else, I can't figure it out from that text
You like it
i just dont want them to take up as much room but still be watchable and have good quality