Whatever sounds better to you, that's which.

For me, G-400. Epiphone Les Pauls sound too dark.
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It depends on what tone you want. LP's tend to give a nice fat and warm tone

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The G-400 will have a 'thinner' tone (though all Epis have a darker tone than other brands, so actually the Epi SGs sound kinda more like a Gibson LP), easier top fret access, will weigh less, it will be cheaper, but the trade-off is they suffer from really bad neck-dive (the guitar swings downwards very quickly if you let go of it for even a second), they have slightly less sustain, and most people find them less versatile.

The LP will have a thicker tone (even thicker than a Gibson LP), some people find the top fret access is very bad (personally I have no problem with it, but I have freakishly big hands), it will weigh more, cost more, but you get a more versatile tone, they're a bit easier to handle, and LPs normally have better sustain than SGs.

Personally, I have a G-400 which is as good as my Epi Joe Perry LP (a Custom Plus with Gibson pickups - frankly, much betetr than the Epi LP Standard), so based on that, I would say the G-400 is the much better choice, especially considering the price. But it really won't suit everyone, and I've had to go through seven other guitars before I actually found the SG was the right guitar for me. I think you should try both models out in a store before you buy one.
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