So I fell in love with a guitar and my local (only) music store today.


That right there is it. I love the sound, feel, tone, all that jazz.

However, there's the hefty price tag of $999 at the store that I'd be buying it from.

So before I go making any impulse buys, I thought I'd ask the nice folks at UG some questions.

1) If you've played this guitar before, what do you think of it? If not, what do you think based on the specs?

2)I plan on playing a wide range of songs on this guitar, from Clapton to Iron Maiden (no death metal, unless I'm in a playful mood), what kind of sounds would I best be able to achieve with this guitar?

3)Do you have any suggestions of similar guitars with more bang for your buck?

4) Eventually I am planning on buying a new amp as well (I am satisfied with my current practice amp as I currently have no room for a bigger/better quality amp), but what kind of amp might go good with this in the future?

Thank you very much for your time!

EDIT: I believe that this guitar has actually been discountinued, at least according to musiciansfriend.com so that may constitute a lowering in asking price, at least I hope.
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That price they're charging at the store is list price which is ridiculous. You shouldn't even consider buying it unless they take off at least $350. Especially considering the Canadian dollar is stronger than the US and taxes are so much higher.
might be a tab cheaper here. idk if u want the exact one u played in the store. or you could like show them this add or something and see iftheyll give you a discount on it.


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@ T!AN, after researching prices online, I've come to the conclusion that that price is ridiculous. However I know everyone at the store (since I was 5) and realize that the difficulty getting stuff here means the prices are much higher. I'm thinking of waiting another 5 months until I move, and getting it for much cheaper in Ottawa.

@ Dimebagjeff, I have played the guitar there, but the lady working today does not know very much about guitars, she's mostly there for stocking and inventory management. I figured I'd ask some random people I've never met before their opinions (especially since they would be unbiased about me buying something from that specific store).

@ldzppln81, That's a very good idea, thank you!
So I'm going to bump this once, just in case someone happens to have something profound to say, before I let this fall off the main page forever.