Hello everyone, I'm a new member here on the UG forums. Basically I come to you all with a request that you listen to this piece I'm working on and critique it for me. What I'm wanting to know is if the progression of the song works, or if it doesn't. I've been screwing around on guitar for about 3 and a half years, I have okay technical ability but my goal is to get my songwriting capabilities up to par. I know almost no theory.

Well, here's the link to the song. It's not long. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Wrong forum. Put in Riffs and Recordings
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you need to fix your link. right now it just goes to the filefront main page
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Alright fella you did well to find S+L Techniques but this isn't the place to get feedback on the actual song. This part of the forum is used to help people write it, not tell them what they think of the finished article.

You need to re-post this in Riffs and Recordings forum, found just below S+L on the main forum list. Before you do post it there, be sure to read the rules to avoid it getting closed.

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