yeah, im also trying to finish an album before the end of the summer. its lots of work.. :P

but this song sounds great, i really got the vibe of the start of something new. i like the ascending notes in the chorus they fit really well
i also say that the intro solo is great bc it really displays the feeling of the end of something or "out with the new" then with the drums "in with the old" great song. overall great song,

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The intro is very well put together, it borders on being too long but that's just barely. The tones go together well i think the lead is very well done. Overall it's good. The main theme though is kind of clumsy to me. I like the notes i just think it's played in a manner that makes it sound really difficult to play. It doesn't flow. You pick the notes a little too much, and the backing guitar with the clean tone has a similar problem. It just sounds kind of mechanical. Musically it works it's just your strumming patterns make it sound like your having a hard time playing your own songs. The bridge works well. Altogether it's a great song, i assume the drums are programmed? They sound like they might be, a real drummer with the right microphone set up sounds much richer. Eitherway they work and that's what matters. Keep it up.