Okay, so I had a copy of Quake 3 Arena and lost it a while ago. I wanna get back into playing it again, but I don't wanna buy it and all my friends who have it live an hour away. Is there a way I can download from the internet, and if so, where should I do so? I figure torrenting would probably work, but where?

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you could probably find it some where for 99P you neb!
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Quote by x0rsist
you could probably find it some where for 99P you neb!

what does that even mean?
It shouldn't be a difficult game to find, either online or in a shop for practically nothing.

I hope they make the new version of Q3A they were thinking of a while back - playable from your browser.
Search on IsoHunt and make sure it has a crack or keygen.
Don't download a crack off a site though. Traojans/malware/etc... usually comes wiht them.
Well you don't need a crack anyway - the last official patch removed the need to have the CD.