I'm going to record my electric guitar, acoustic and keyboard onto my Windows Vista laptop. I think I want to get this mic:


and this interface:


and I know I need cables and stuff. I was considering this interface:


but I think the Behringer is more Vista compatible (though I read reviews that said they both were). Also the Behringer looks easier and I'm totally new to this, plus it's a little more in my price range, and since it's cheap I could always get the Lexicon later. Input please?
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The Lexicon Alpha will DESTROY the Behringer in sound quality, and it is made better.

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Given a choice, I would definitely choose the lexicon. I have no gripes against Behringer gear, but you can buy much better stuff. You just have to pay for it. Okay, so the Lexicon is almost 4x the price, but is still less than 100 bones.

It's not like anyone is suggesting a Lynx or anything....

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Considering the Behringer doesn't have a balanced input, buying it would be pointless when using it with that microphone. So yes, go with the Lexicon unless you find something better in your price range.