Sorry if this is supposed to be in the music thread, was trying to decide which one and figured I am focusnig on the chorus pedal sound so here it is.

I pretty much just want to know if anyone has a list or a link to a list of acoustic guitar music (chord/tabs) that sound great with the chorus pedal. I have just bought the BOSS CE % Chorus Ensemble.
well pretty much any song by the police would sound good with chorus. later police moreso though.
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Hey, good call thanks for that. I never even thought of them.

Still open to more idea's to get my creative juices flowing.
every breath you take would be my favorite chorus song

other than that...just do some arpeggios and chorusize them - will sound great


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I use chorus to brighten up my clean channel. Alot of 80's hair metal/power metal use chorus.
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