I know theres a million of these things, but its a fun song to record to kill an afternoon. Its just my cover of MOP, there are a few messups here and there, but nothing insanely wrong that I could pick out. Let me know what you think! Its in my profile. Ill check out any link that you post and leave a crit in your thread. Thanks!
Wow toast, another very clean cover. The only thing I can think of crit. in your song is the volume and structure.
First off, turn the volume up on your amp! It's metal! Your ears will be ringing if your playing the metal right
Try doing a 2 guitar mixx. Play the song through. Then record it again, but this time alter the tonality slightly. Then pan one guitar %40 to the left and the other guitar %40 to the right. You'll get a much fuller, more Metallica sound.

Plz crit mine
Yeah, I would like to make it louder, but I cant make the guitars any louder without getting this annoying buzzing sound due to the low end and a ****ty recording program. So I have to keep it low. Plus when I am recording, I don't use headphones, and just have the BT blasting out of my speakers, and Its very loud when Im recording it. Also, I know about panning and whatnot, but due to my ****ty program yet again, I have to move the track over to compensate for latency. You have no idea how much of a bitch it was to get the harmonized solo to sound as synchronized as it does. But of course I had more time on my hands I would try it. Maybe Ill double it tomorrow... who knows? And Ill be sure to check your cover as soon as I can. It looks impressive with all the guitars you have recording.
you owned that song. extremely clean, but i probably couldn't tell if you made a mistake cause you weren't playing that loud. but other than volume you rock.

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