What are your favorite forums? I know that many of you are UG loyalists but personally I would have to say I like the mtbr forums better even though I spend more time here. What's your forum choice?
UG is enough for me. Can't be bothered to waste more time sitting in front of the computer.
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SS.org is very cool.

Harmony Central is brilliant because the mods just don't give a shit. Theres are threads about asses in the Electric Guitar forum and nobody cares... and the weird thing is, the forum still runs smoothly. I don't think I've ever seen a closed thread there, trolling is a way of life.
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Mostly UG for me.
45 days without my precious UG...

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Basically only UG.
Some band forums from time to time.

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UG always. I dont think i'm a member of any other forum, unless youtube counts.
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clanib.fxfi.net was great, local video game clan. unfortunately it merged with another clan and stuff, so now its all at bigraplan.com
The only forum I frequent regularly is UG. I have a few gaming forums that I go to every once in a while, and Harmony Central is great fun, but I'm not a regular or anything.

...and I also frequent /b/
I've tried to leave The Pit, but I never feel comfortable enough in other forums. So I just use UG.
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UG. I sometimes check out a Manga forum but there're even more kids there than here. I only really used them when I was banned from UG and now I'm not my post rate there has drastically declined.
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Edgeoftheworld.net, it's a private forum, invite only, it's for sharing music and general music chit chat.
UG, an Arsenal website for unsavoury types, and a forum about football casualism (is that even a word?)
UG, onrpg, techzone
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I only access UG mostly, but I use guitarchaos for backing tracks and I sometimes enter in their monthly competition, this month I put my Far Beyond the Sun cover.
UG of course

Also Metal-realm.
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