Here is the deal. I'm a modern rock/alternative guitarist and songwriter, and it'd be great if I could get some critiques and such for my lyrics. Any ideas for the style of the song or such things would be great. (Just be nice...)

This is the first song I am going to post in here, if I get a decent amount of replies, I will post other sets of lyrics in here later. Thanks in advance for the help.

"Last Chance Cafe"

The last chance café
Where I’m sitting today
Missing, reminiscing
What led me astray
So come on trophy girl
Have a seat and a drink
If you care to listen to what I think

Every dropout, disaster,
Scumbag and crook
You’re welcome here to take a look
Have a seat and spend the day
Come in for a drink at the last chance café

The Last Chance Café
Where I’m sitting today
Missing, reminiscing
What led me astray
So come on golden boy
We’ve got all day
Drown in your drink so you don’t hear what I say

All you losers and failures,
Disappointments and thieves
Come on in and take a seat
Once you enter you’re bound to stay
For better or worse at the last chance café
i like the song, it just needs a good look over and edit. For example the chorus is in different syllable lengths, so the third line (the second line in rhyme) needs to be lenghtened by one syllable. I would add "out" right before "here" in line 10 to make it move a bit slower and less bouncy. besides that its a catchy little thing
i enjoy head
it's a good song but you gotta move it to the main forum cuz its prob gonna get reported.
good structure, I like how you switch up the trophy girl and golden boy. well, im listening to brand new right now, so why not make it in that style...?
pretty good dude I played it with a slower power groove type riff i come up with that could be comparable to heavier alice in chains i really got off with it