im thinking about getting the boss me-50. i dont care what it has, just needs to be easy to operate. and at least some distortion and other effects,
The boss me-50 is certainly easy to use. I had one and it's pro sounding but I got bored with it. If you do gigs it's the one to use but if you're just a jammer (bedroom or not) I'd get a pedal that has stuff in it like drums, bass, looper, etc for lots of entertainments.

I'm a jammer myself and I bought a Roger Linn Adrenalinn III ($375) because it's a combination of beat synced drums/effects and amp modeling. I got sounds that's out of the world.
i think you have listened to some of my clips on the Digitech line but that is always another option for you. Flange example and 2007 crunch are probably the most digital sounding of any of the presets but they were unmodded.

good luck bro
I'd say go with the ME-50, it's an awesome processor. Hell, it even had the ability to make my MG sound decent on the cleans!

It has plenty of distortion and modulation. I get awesome blues sounds out of it, some pretty good metal and hard rock tones, but not brutal (or br00talz or whatever you people call it). At least, I haven't tried that much to get that. Reverb is pretty good, I've never really used delays much, but they're always fun to mess around with, and some of the expression pedal effects are fun to screw around on. Check out my YouTube video, testing out some weird sounds. It's not the best, and some day I'll make a better one...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX0k1Ovp9eo
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