a friend of a friend is offering me one for $130, should I go for it? I don't wanna spend crazy amounts on acoustic (max 150ish) and I've heard yamaha is the way to go. There's also a Yamaha FG335 (of questionable quality...might need quite a bit of fixing) going for a similar price on craigslist so its between those two. What do you think?

in terms of sound, i can't really decide, both would complement different aspects of playing for me so i'm just looking out for which one is the better bargain

any info would be appreciated
The f-380 is a good guitar for very little money. Even less money actually than your friend is asking. Googling over some internet shops will show you that a brand new f-380 can be obtained for less than $100,-, so I'd say you wouldn't strike the best deal here.
Getting a fg-335 for that money could be a good move, but that depends on what kind of work has to be done to fix it and by who. If it is the same guy offering that guitar, have a real, real close look and then think twice.
Dear l1kel1ke ;

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i think it's gonna help you dude.
take care
James Arben
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