Well, I'm looking to upgrade my rig. Right now I have a spider III 75 watt amp, so you know the deal, I need something different. I'm looking to spend probably around 500-700 dollars.

I'm looking for a tone that can handle the following:

Classic Rock: Zeppelin, Beatles, Velvet Undergroud
90's Indie/Post-Hardcore Rock: Hot Snakes, At the Drive In, Bear vs. Shark
Modern Rock: White Stripes, Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age

I've been looking at many amps, mostly tube, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the cranked tube tone very often.

The ones that are catching my eye are the: Vox AC15 (w/o the Alcino Blues), Peavy Classic 30, Orange Tiny Terror (I know it's over budget, but if its that much better I'll go for it), and I guess Cubes and the Valvelectronix are good SS amps.

Mesa F-50 (or F-30 if you can't find a F-50, but F-50 ftw).
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With your budget you could get a used Classic 30 and some effects to round out each of those three genres sound/tones.


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I'd say either Classic 30 or Tiny Terror. It comes down to preference. Whether you want switchable channels, what tone, head or combo, etc...
Get a Tiny Terror head and match it up with an Avatar 1x12 cab loaded with a G12H30 (which is what Orange uses in the Tiny Terror combo). Then, later on, buy another Avatar 1x12 cab, but this time load it up with a Vintage 30. Avatar sells broken-in versions of these speakers called the "Hellatone 30" and the "Hellatone 60", respectively.

Then you'll have a monster (not-so-mini) stack with arguably the two best sounding speakers for the Tiny Terror.

Make sure you get 16 ohm speakers if you decided to go this route. This way, you'll be able to use either cab on its own or as a pair with the Tiny Terror.
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Have you tried a search????? You will find 200+ threads about what amp is in that range for that type of music.

I am not being rude, I really would like to know, have you searched? You will learn more from searching then from any single post. So how about doing a little research?
Yes, I have tried searching a lot on this topic, I got a general idea of what amps people were recommending to others based on their tastes. Then I took the amps that looked like they'd be good for me and personalized the band selections.

Sorry if this seems like a redundant thread, but if I am going to a grand on an orange amp or 600+ on a Peavey/Vox, I want to know I'm making the right choice so I don't make another mistake.

To add to this thread, what effects should I get?
I have read alot of good things about the ibanez tubescreamer, so I probably would pick up that pedal. Is the reissue much different from the standard, or are they pretty similar?

Also, is a noise supressor or a delay pedal worth the cash?

Thanks again!
get a maxon od808 or od-9 instead of the ts-9. and for what you play id get a delay pedal instead of a noise sup. and yes it is plenty worth the cash.
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