I just got a new laptop for school. I was wondering if it would be possible to take my itunes library from the my old computer and put it on my new one. Anyone know how??
Either burn the music to DVDs, get an external hard drive, or if you paid for it directly from itunes, (I think) you can sign in to the account on the new computer and get it back? Not sure on the last one though.

Or, you can get like a 2 gig flash drive and make a couple trips between computers.
you can plug in ur ipod and some screens will come up telling you to transfer all songs or something...be careful tho or u could lose them all, but u definately can do that cuz i did and i plan to again when i get a new laptop

EDIT: you have to install itunes on ur new laptop of course before you do this^^
the ipod is the easiest way. I had to do this with my computers. I ended up making a backup of my library thru itunes and it made me 3 mp3 cds and then i just loaded them onto my new computer. Signing into your account does not load songs that you have bought onto it.
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Any cd's you have on your ipod you will have to load again on your new computer. Anything you bought on itunes, you can transfer you your laptop. Make sure that when you plug in your ipod, and you are in the ipod menu on itunes (the one that tells you if your ipod is up to date), you need to make sure you click on all of the little tabs (music, movies, pictures, etc...) and check sync all, otherwise you won't get **** on your ipod! Then the next time you sync your ipod, everything on it will be deleted, and your library on your laptop will be added to your ipod.

Oh and you need to make sure you authorize your computer or none of it will work.