Selling Great Condition Gibson LP Standard and USA 60th Aniv. Fender Strat

Hello everyone!

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is Heritage Cherry Burst, with slight wear on the headstock, and a small scratch next to the topmost strap lock. Neither of these minor impairments are easily visible in the least however. Electronically the guitar is perfect, and was recently set up having the Tune-o-Matic bridge leveled.

The Fender 60th Anniversary Strat is 3 Tone burst, with extremely minor wear on the bottom curve of the guitar body under the tone knobs. These small scuffs I didn't even know existed until I cleaned the guitar to be displayed for pictures, they are virtually invisible. I only mention them because I would want to know about any imperfection at all when buying a guitar without holding it first.

I am asking: $950 for the Strat
$1400 for the LP

If you are interested in either guitar, my email address is I will email you pictures and answer any questions you may have. Also, if you live near Manchester, NH, and want to come up and play either guitar, please contact me.

Thanks for looking!
you need pics
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