Now, I'm not sure if this is the correct section...Anywho, whenever I embark on writing a riff I can never get to to sound quite heavy/hard/catchy enough. So how do you guys go about doing this.
It's hard to give advise on being creative but I dunno maybe try to do variations of songs you think are heavy/hard/catchy to start out.
everybody goes about it a different way, so your gonna get a lot of different responses, and hopefully one of them will help you develop your own riff... anyways, a good place to start is to begin by chugging on your root note (bass note ... low D for me) and fiddle around with its corresponding minor scale, and its flatted fifth ... so in my case it would be D E F G G# F F# C D ... but a good idea is to omit the E, or whatever your first whole step note is ... but fool around with that and odd rests in there, so you could play something like 0-5-3-5-6-5-3-5-0, or whatever. Also, give Unholy Confessions a listen, because the opening riff is a great example of just dicking around with a pedal note and a corresponding minor scale, or major, whatever floats your boat ... but zone out in front of the TV and just play, something will come to you
use scale since most people I know just randomly mess with the guitar and most of their riffs arent based on anything but randomness
but yea learn scales and modes that should help in the hardcoreness.
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Basically you're going to want to find the right effect and the right notes... People have different definitions of catchy and unique or even hardcore and awesome. It's just a matter of finding something YOU like and can live with.
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