just got my Razorback V today and wanted to know if anybody knew what kind of strings are on it because I really like them, I usually play Progressives but these are kickin arse, of course it could just be the guitar idk
probably the guitar itself. maybe change them to Ernie Balls or Cleartones. i love ernie balls and i've heard great things about cleartones.
I use DR and they work great. There is also this brand called Elixr and they don't rust. You could check those out
Ernie Balls are great, but get a better guitar.
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Quote by DSchmitty
Ernie Balls are great, but get a better guitar.

dude, razorback V's are not that bad. he's right about the strings. my personal favorites are the pure nickel strings. these are the ones i'm talking about.
Nope all Deans come Stock with D'addrio 9-42's. and they are damn good but Dr Dimebag sig 9-42 blow everything away and thats not even fanboy they are strong mother effin strings.
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I got a set of super slinkys for my jackson and they are pretty bad ass, I don't know why I thought progressives were so good all this time

woo, Slinky strings FTW!