So Ive been looking on ebay for a used SG, so far i came across 2 kinds that i have enough money for.

Epiphone SG G-400.


Gibson Sg Special.

Whats Better pickup wise?
Go Gibson, or go home..

seriously.. if you can afford a gibson, get it.. i have a les paul, gibson of course.. and love it
To Be Honest there about Equal thats a pretty low end Gibson.. and thats a mid-range Epiphone..
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Get the Epi. That Gibson's a rock-bottom low-end axe. Not a bad guitar, but the Epi will probably be more satifisfying.
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gibson has better pickups. i love my sg special faded altough i have heard that some epiphones are better quality than the sg special. i own both the g 400 and sg special and have to say the sg special is better. oh and btw let me know ur price cause i happen to have a g 400 for sale that has the sg special pickups in it.
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IMO.. if you can find one get a SG classic. Mmm.
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