Typing as I'm listening.

I like the intro, it's very soothing. Very good recording quality, too!

The background lead around 1:55 sets a nice mood, a bit dark imo (which I like )

Drumming is precise, but not over the top, it fits the song perfectly.

Overall: 9 out of 10
I'm eager to hear it with vocals

Crit mine?
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that was a very relaxing song to listen to. some may find it boring as it gets kind of repetitive, but i really enjoyed listening through the whole song. you could really do better with a real drum set. some of the fills with the snare drum just sounded funny because it was programmed. my favorite part of the song was lead stuff in the background. i think it would be cool if you made that louder at certain times.

overall it's a great song and i would love to hear it with vocals.