Alright i have searched for this already and found quite a few threads but i was unsure so here goes.

I got a new yamaha amp (bear in mind its temporary and very cheap (26$) ).

Model no : AR - 2500 (20w)

Now i know the sound is not anywhere near good and i plan on getting a new amp when i gather up enough cash.

SO in the meantime.. i wanted to make the best use out of this amp.

Problem is the cleans are fine although a bit dull but when i turn up the gain and distortion knobs. Even midway with medium volume i get feedback(static noise). Even while dampening the strings the feedback doesnt entirely go away albeit it gets lessened.

This leads to my power chords being too messed up and cant be distinguished from each other. I have tried not to face the amp as well.

What i wanted to know is that : Is this an earthing problem? or Is this a permanent problem of the amp? Is the speaker messed up? (cleans are fine) .

I will be getting a distortion pedal from a friend to try out with the amp to see if the distortion with that still caused this kind of feedback.

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Are you getting actual feedback or is it just noisy?
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It is constantly occuring only when Gain and distortion are turned up. I am not sure exactly what feedback and this is what i concluded after reading many threads.

So it does not go away completely while dampening or facing away from amp. Meaning it aint feedback and is noise?
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If is just really noisy cheap amp then not much can be done. Turn down the gain until you get a better amp.
If it's just electric buzzing noise, it's not feedback, and there's nothing you can do about it on that amp. Depending on what your guitar is, shielding the pickup and control cavity might help.

If it's a high pitched squeal, it's feedback, and you can get rid of it by moving farther away from your amp and/or pointing your guitar in a different direction.
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Basically, the high gain is causing a feedback loop, and it doesn't help that you have a substandard amp. But high gain is the nesting ground for feedback in the first place. Higher the gain, the more signal that is being picked up is going through the system, so it sort of starts "hearing itself" and creating a FB loop. That's why a lot of high gain players use gates, because at loud volumes, you can't get far enough away to negate that.


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He's (the TS that is) describing typical SS static and hiss, not feedback, or so it would seem.
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He's (the TS that is) describing typical SS static and hiss, not feedback, or so it would seem.

Yeah, now that I re-read you're probably right.


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Yes. It is not feedback then. Noise still.

Will save for a decent amp then if there is no way of resolving it.

Thanks guys.
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