I vaguely remember that you can't save PS1 games on PS2 memory card, when playing on a PS2.

Is this correct?
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You can use PS1 memory cards for PS1 game. PS1 games do not save to PS2 memory cards. Only PS2 games save to PS2 memory cards. All clear?
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You can't save ps1 games on ps2 memory cards, but you can use ps1 card on a ps2.
I play FFVII on my ps2 all the time.
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i have my old ps1 card in ps2 all the time...
Except i find that ps1 games look better on my computer + emulator than played through ps2
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Yes, you need to save your game on a PS1 memory card.
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^ Yes you can

PS2 memory card for PS2 games
PS1 memory card for PS1 games

On PS3 it saves on the hard drive so no hassle with memory cards.
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